Apoorva Malladi is a young artist who dwells on the spiritually aesthetic dimension of art. She believes true art is that in which the inner self and its fullest creativity is showcased. In her perception, the sole purpose of art is not merely to look pleasing or beautiful. It should uplift the artist and audience, and most importantly make one think and experience. This truly comes through in her art of dance “Bharathanatyam”. Apoorva’s dancing, choreographies, and choice of pieces all reflect her sensibilities. She’s known for both the technical and emotional sides in Bharathanatyam. One can see heartfelt expression in her transcending Abhinaya and in her gracefully sculpted Nrittha. For this, she has received many rave reviews from senior artists, connoisseurs, and dignitaries of different disciplines.

  Although having grown up in the USA, Apoorva’s love and respect towards Indian culture and art, as well as her life like passion towards dance have influenced her in choosing this field as her path and making her way to India to learn further and perform. Dancing for about 15 years now, Apoorva had initially trained in Bharathanatyam under Guru Smt. Vandana Krishnaswami (USA, disciple of Guru “Padmasri” K.N. Dandayudhapani Pillai and Guru K.N. Pakkiriswami Pillai). After which, while performing, for a short time she simultaneously furthered her knowledge of the art form in Chennai - India, which exposed her to an amalgam of traditions (Banis).

  Apoorva takes the best from all that she’s learnt and presents a style which is very much her own aesthetic, but always keeping to the tradition and parameters of Bharathanatyam.

  Apoorva also sings; trained in Carnatic Vocal music from a young age. So she has a natural taste to good soulful music, which she believes is key for good dance.

  A great interest in all art finds Apoorva painting and writing in her leisure.

  Her natural flair for studies and outstanding academic excellence since childhood gave way to a scholastic pursuit of dance as well, in the aspects of theory and history. Hence, she went on to pursue and earned her BFA in dance from Annamalai University (Canada campus) with distinction.

  Apoorva has and is extensively performing in many prestigious festivals, sabhas, and institutions locally in the US and in India as well.

  Some notable accolades she’s received include ‘Natya Ratna’ -Nrithyalaya institution (USA) and ‘International Nrithya mani award’ - utkal yuva sanskrutik sangh international dance and music festival.