Reviews and Thoughts of Personages

  • "Padma Sri" Dr. Sunil Kothari - A veteran dance historian, scholar, author and a renowned dance critic. Vice President of World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific India chapter, based in New Delhi. Honored by the President of India with Padma Sri, Sangeet Natak Akademi award and Senior Critic Award from Dance Critics Association, NYC. A regular contributor to Narthaki, the roving critic for monthly magazine Sruti and is a contributing editor of Nartanam.

     “It was indeed a pleasure to witness Bharatanatyam performance, recently in January 2017, at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai, by USA based young and sprightly dancer Apoorva Malladi.

     A mature dancer she choreographs her items herself as she has a long experience of performing, a sound musical background, and literature. She offered a rare Telugu Padavarana in Malayamarutha raga, dedicated to Lord Vishnu residing in Guntur. It stood out for imaginative sancharis and evocative mood. Shrigara was delineated describing the nature in bloom. Her nritta alternating with abhinaya was sparkling and expressions joyous. Graceful and having command over tala and laya, Apoorva with her attractive stage presence stands out for her vivacious dancing... In Sankeertan Radha Manmohan Meghashyam Mangaldham, she projected complete immersion in bhaktibhava. impressive presentation with charm,devotion and joy.”

  • Satish Suri - An avid rasika and Dance critic, an ardent follower of music and dance for more than 4 decades, serving on the committee of the international Music and Arts Society and also as treasurer of World Dance Alliance Karnataka Chapter.

     “Apoorva's passion and commitment to dance express itself in a graceful fluidity of movements and deft improvisations on stage.The consummate artistry of both rhythm and expression show her command over the medium resulting in an aesthetic experience.”

  • “Kalaimamani” Dr. Uma Anand – Bharathanatyam scholar and teacher. Daughter and disciple of the legendary Bharathanatyam guru “Padmasri” K.N. Dandayudhapani Pillai:

     “Apoorva means rare, unique. As the name suggests, Apoorva Malladi is unique. She is dedicated and committed to the art of music and dance. She is always eager to learn the nuances of the art forms. Apoorva has a natural grace of execution and flow of expressions. A dancer who will go far…”

  • Lars Fredriksson – Swedish research scholar, art connoisseur and aficionado, author, and artist of many avenues including music and paints of Asia. Former Director of the “Far Eastern” Research Library, Stockholm and a guest professor in China.

     “I first met Apoorva Malladi at her performance at the R. K. Swamy Auditorium (Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha), Mylapore, Chennai. I spend most of my winters in Mylapore listening to Carnatic music concerts and also frequently attend dance performances.

     There are many dancers that are very good and technically skilled, but few that really stand out. Only rarely do I see a young dancer of Apoorva’s quality and individuality that also has this natural self evident presence and the convincing radiation of a true artist.

     I was intrigued enough to stay on after her performance and talk with her about my impressions and to give my thanks. What struck me most was the quality of dramatic acting merged with the dance. What is often a relatively fixed toolbox of facial expressions was brought to most vivid expressions making the characters come alive on stage.

    To me there seemed to be much psychological analysis that had gone into the interpretation of the role being danced than I am usually presented with from other artists.

     From then on and for some years now we have stayed in contact and I have been privileged to share many more thoughts and opinions with her. It is clear that Apoorva Malladi’s aim transcends just mastering the technicalities of the Bharathanatyam traditional dance and elevates her art into a more spiritually tasteful dimension of individualistic expression.

     This conviction of hers about true art comes through in her other creative skills as well…not only in her own pictorial art and song but also in her preferences for a wide range of high quality Asian art prints and in the refined choice of elevated Carnatic music artists that she holds in high esteem, as well as other traditional Asian music.”

  • “Smanvaya Saraswathi” Sri Samavedam shanmukha sharma -Lyricist, Author, and profound speaker on Indian culture and spiritualism.

     “Apoorva’s dancing, I have witnessed, and singing, I have heard. She has a distinct approach of rendering both arts with a great sense of dedication and obeisance.

    Apoorva’s diligence when dancing and her exceptionally rare talent and quality to be entirely engrossed in a blissful trans [herself] and to elevate her audience to the same plane, absorbing them into her art, are truly laudable.

     Possessing the intellect to grasp the knowledge of art and being keen to learn the deep inner “bhaavam”, she has attained prowess in presenting her dance and song resplendently. Furthermore, she is bound to achieve great works because of a disposition to intricately study the art with reverence and purity of thought.”

  • SK Misra - Chairman: Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development (ITRHD), Founding Member: Indian National Trust For Art And cultural Heritage (INTACH) And Former Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India:

     “I have seen Apoorva’s dance performance at the Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad, where she performed a solo thematic dance presentation “Paripoornam Sri Krishnam”. Her performance is very impressive and very Professional. I have seen the dance of many greats, and it is amazing to see Apoorva master the art at such a young age. Apoorva, keep going, you have a very bright future ahead of you.”

  • Professor Karthik Chandra Rath: Eminent Playwright and veteran dramatist of international repute, Art enthusiast/connoisseur, Organizer of theater Olympiad and music & dance festivals in Cuttack, Orissa

     “Apoorva is a talented, graceful, and bright Bharathanatyam dancer with excellent capabilities and beautiful movements. Her emotions and expressions in dancing are noteworthy. She has the rare quality to bring out the “bhaava” or emotions of the compositions she presents, staying true to the composer’s vision lyrically and musically.”

  • Rhadha Ramanathan: Veteran dancer and exponent, Senior disciple of Vazhuvoor Ramaih Pillai, disciple and sister of famed veteran dancer kamala Lakshman

     “Apoorva is a very committed and talented dancer, who is constantly thriving to increase her knowledge and innovate her art. She possesses immense passion…”